SMA – Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

SMA - Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 Bendigo

SMA – Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

Cost-Effective, Flexible, Simple
Independent electricity supply for your home
The Sunny Boy Storage is a cost-effective solution for high-voltage batteries developed by major manufacturers. It helps make your home less dependent on electric utility companies and right away allows you to use your self-generated electricity at rates comparable to standard household electricity rates.

The Sunny Boy Storage is ideally matched to the electricity demand in your own four walls and can be adjusted at any time in line with your individual energy requirements, giving you maximum flexibility both now and in the future.


  • For new and existing systems: reduced installation costs, can be retrofitted and expanded at any time, as needed
  • For almost all PV system types: string inverters, module inverters and power optimizers
  • Can be combined with numerous types of energy: PV, wind energy, combined heat and power plants
  • Choice of lithium-ion battery (currently Tesla Powerwall, additional batteries to follow shortly)


  • Most cost-effective AC-connected battery inverter on the market
  • 97 % efficiency allows for optimal use of cached energy
  • Maximum PV yields while meeting all applicable regulations for feed-in limits (e.g., EEG, KfW 275, Zero Export)
Solar Rebate