Solar Calculator

How much savings can I get from solar

This is an indication of the size of a system and the savings from solar that you could be receiving. It must be noted that every situation is different and therefore result may vary.

There are a few things that you need to consider before you can accurately determine what solar can save you.

What to look for in a solar system

  1. Your average energy consumption
  2. Your location
  3. Your usage patterns
  4. Your feed-in tariff rate
  5. The size of the solar power system you install


At SB Solar Battery Services we pride ourselves on finding ways to reduce your energy costs and help you to achieve more control over your Energy. We want to become your partners in sustainability. A good sustainable system is one that enables you to take control of your energy use – we will help you to be able to choose where your energy comes from and use it more efficiently.

Estimated Performance1

Size Energy Output2 Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction3 Electricity Savings4
2kW 3419 kWh/year 4001 kg CO2/year $992 per year
3kW 4981 kWh/year 5827 kg CO2/year $1444 per year
4kW 6747 kWh/year 7893 kg CO2/year $1956 per year
5kW 8322 kWh/year 9736 kg CO2/year $2413 per year


1. System Efficiency is estimated by the solar installer to account for losses that may include shading, inverter efficiency for DC to AC conversion, battery efficiency, cable losses, dirt, manufacturer tolerances, grid-tie system outages, maintenance downtime, and other factors.

2. Energy Output is calculated based on historical solar irradiance and temperature data at this location, factoring in panel tilt, orientation, and all of the System Parameters including System Efficiency.

3 Emission reduction assumes full output usage and 1.17 kg CO2 / kWh based on Victoria average (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008).

4 Assumes full year-round utilization of generated electricity, and will change based on usage and feed-in tariffs. Savings based on Victoria average electricity price for 2013: $0.29 / kWh (AEMC Report on 2013 Residential Electricity Price Trends).


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