SB Solar Battery is always looking for the latest technology that will enhance your current energy system. As a part of this effort, we now introduce you to the Powerdiverter.

The Powerdiverter provides FREE hot water all year round for solar PV owners. It automatically diverts excess solar energy straight to your existing hot water unit saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

You can now store your excess solar energy into your existing electric hot water tank and enjoy free hot water all year round all thanks to the amazing Powerdiverter

Powerdiverter Smart design

Powerdiverter Features & Benefits:

  • Use up to 100% of the power you generate.
  • Variable power control delivers excess energy in all weather conditions.
  • Flexible dual inputs allow connection to your on/off-peak tariff supplies ensuring hot water at the lowest possible rates.
  • Quick installation: no plumbing or additional wiring required. (must be done by an electrician)
  • 24/7 timer: schedule hot water boosting as required.
  • Hot water on demand when you need it with the easy Boost button.
  • Automatically boosts the temperature of the hot water to protect against legionella.
  • Extendable 5-year warranty

Here’s an example of a real-life application that we have installed:

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