Solar Energy Bendigo Castlemaine and central victoria

Solar Energy

SB Solar Battery Services have been installing solar energy systems in Bendigo, Castlemaine and Central victoria for over 15 years.

Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into usable electricity to power your home. Having a solar power system installed on your roof can help you to save money and reduce your home’s impact on the environment. You may be just considering, still learning about what solar is all about or ready to start, that’s ok we’re here to help. We have been designing Solar energy systems in Bendigo, Castlemaine and Central Victoria for over 15 years, so we know what we are doing. More importantly, we know what we can do to help you enjoy the benefits of solar.

Solar Energy Castlemaine

A solar energy system from Solar Battery Services will ensure that you get the best possible installation for what you need.

We will always make sure that:

We take care in what we do!

The solution we provide must always work

We treat you with respect – because solar installations are a “customer for life”

When we design and install a system we take careful consideration in talking to the customer before during and after the installation. In doing this we create a solution that not only looks good it is something we all can take pride in.

At SB Solar Battery Services we pride ourselves on finding ways to reduce your energy costs and help you to achieve more control over your Energy. We want to become your partners in sustainability. A good sustainable system is one that enables you to take control of your energy use – we will help you to be able to choose where your energy comes from and use it more efficiently.

Solar Rebate