Battery Storage

We are now able to store our energy and use it as we need it. Either for Peak Load Shifting or simply to store the power that we only get paid 6 cents for.

I have just completed a system that is providing 9kWh to the customer and very little has been purchased from the grid at all since the installation.

The newest innovation that has hit the market is the Enphase AC battery system. No more Hybrid Compatible Inverters required.

Previously you had to buy a more expensive Hybrid Compatible Inverter for the new Battery Storage Systems but now enphase have developed their new battery storage that no longer requires the Hybrid Ready Inverter. In fact it doesn’t require a solar system at all.

Your older inverter that you may have had installed several years ago will work perfectly with this new battery storage system.


It is an easy installation with no complicated wiring.


Installation of the new Battery System.

  1. Install the mounting bracket
  2. Connect with standard AC wiring
  3. Hang and secure AC Battery to mounting bracket


Battery storage Without a Solar System.

This is a perfect solution when you are renting.

Simply have the battery charge during off-peak hours (typically 11pm until 7am) and then use the stored battery power during peak hour usage.

This reduces you power bill.

Later you can take the system with you to your next rental or new home.

To increase your storage capacity you simply add another Battery.

To find out more about battery storage for your home or business contact us here! or follow this link Solar Battery Storage

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