Solar Panels Bendigo Castlemaine and Central Victoria

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Bendigo. The sun is a source of free energy that we all can use. Solar Panels are used to convert the sun’s energy so it can be used in your home. In an area such as Bendigo and Castlemaine, where there is an abundance of sunlight, the uptake of Solar Energy is increasing.

Solar Panels for your Home

The average house has the space on its roof to have enough panels to produce the electricity needed to power the entire house. Any excess electricity can go back into the grid (making you money) or into Batteries (Solar Battery Storage) to power your house when the sun goes down.

Solar Panels Bendigo

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar Panels are comprised of individual cells which are composed of layers of chemicals which have negative and positive charges. The Solar Panels absorb the suns photons and initiate an electric current. This causes a reaction and pulls electrons into direct current. This is known as the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The Solar array (or many Solar Panels strung together) send direct current (DC) to the Solar Inverter. The inverter converts the electricity into alternating current (AC). This current can be used for household appliances or sent into the electricity grid.

Solar Panels Castlemaine
Solar Rebate