SB Solar Battery Services

Stephen Breheny Solar & ElectricalWelcome to SB Solar Battery Services

SB Solar Battery Services are specialists in Solar installations and Solar battery installations in the Bendigo, Castlemaine and Central Victoria. Fully qualified Electrical Contractors, Solar Grid Connect and Stand Alone Designers and Installers. We have been operating in Bendigo and central Victoria for over 30 years.

Solar power

Save money and reduce your home’s impact on the environment with solar power. You may be just considering, still learning about what solar is all about or ready to start, that’s ok we’re here to help. We have been designing Solar systems in Bendigo and central Victoria for over 15 years, so we know what we are doing. More importantly, we know what we can do to help you enjoy the benefits of solar.

Solar and Batteries

Now you can finally take control of your power! A typical solar system will only let you use your power when the sun is out. Unfortunately for most of us, we are not home during the day and thus it is wasted by going into the grid. Solar Battery Services have teamed up with some of the world’s most exciting energy products to give you the best possible Solar Battery installation.

Solar Panels

The sun is a source of free energy that we all can use. Solar Panels are used to convert the sun’s energy so it can be used in your home. In an area such as Bendigo and Castlemaine, where there is an abundance of sunlight, the uptake of Solar Energy is increasing.