Victorian Government Solar rebate scheme

SB Solar Battery are offering you the opportunity to be a part of the Victorian Government Solar rebate scheme. This initiative is to help Victorian households cut their electricity bills through the Solar Homes Package.

Are you eligible?

Victorian households are eligible to receive a rebate under the Solar Homes package if are the following:

  • Have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per annum. Based on the 2016/17 or 2017/18 tax assessment notices.
  • Are an owner-occupier of a property valued at under $3,000,000. (Determined by your full Victorian Council Rates Notice from the last 12 months)

What can you claim?

Eligible households can claim a rebate up to $1,850 on the cost of a solar panel (PV) system or a $1,000 rebate for the replacement of hot water systems with solar hot water.

Households will only be eligible for one rebate under the Solar Homes Package (i.e. a household that accesses a solar hot water rebate cannot claim a solar PV rebate). These rebates are available for systems installed after 19 August 2018.

What does the Solar Homes package offer?

The Solar Homes package is about giving Victorian households greater control over their household bills.

From 19 August 2018, the Victorian Government will provide a 50 per cent rebate on the cost of an average 4kW solar PV system, (currently a $1,850 rebate for a system costing $4,450), or a $1,000 rebate on the cost of a solar hot water system.

Households will be able to save on average $890 per year off their bill through installing a solar PV system, and between $160-$400 a year off their bill by replacing their current water heater with a solar option.

Solar Rebate