Tesla installation with Solar Edge

New home and stable grid

Tesla installation with Solar Edge

Tesla installation with Solar Edge

When building a new home, there are often more things to consider than the actual house itself. For example, with some of the newer estates, the electricity grid may not be as stable as it is in the inner suburbs. We recently came across this situation in Taradale, a little town on the Calder highway between Melbourne and Bendigo. Where local builder Warren Hughes was building a new home for one of his clients.

Warren called us and said that he is building a home on a place where the owners were concerned that the electricity supply may interrupt their daily activities and asked us for a solution. I met with the builder and we talked about what they really wanted. They said that in a situation of fire or disaster they wanted to have stable communication. Simple things that we all may take for granted like; the radio to hear for alerts and warnings, the internet to keep up to date with information sites. They also had electric water pumps that in case of an emergency would keep working. What I believe they were afraid of was being isolated and shut off.

2 phase electrical grid

Now another thing was that they were on a 2-phase electrical grid. Thus, in this case, some appliances were on phase one and others were on phase two. Both phases had to have back up.

Our solution was to have 2 SolarEdge 5000 inverter chargers and 2 Tesla batteries that are capable of 6.5kW hours each (one for each phase). With 10kW of solar on the roof, the solar edge units can control the system and make sure the batteries are charged for when they are needed. Here’s a video explaining the system in more detail.


Happy customer

The outcome was that the house was built and the unstable grid was fully backed up by the solar battery system. More importantly, the owners of the new house were very pleased and extremely happy that it was a Tesla Battery.

Solar Rebate