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All systems will be Hybrid ready. This means that Battery Storage (Powerwall) is able to be connected to your system.

I have installed over 2000 Solar systems in Victoria. I will give you personalized support throughout the entire installation process.

In 2008 I installed over 300 solar systems for MASG, the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group.

In 2014-2015 I supplied and installed nearly 200 solar systems for MASH, Mount Alexander Solar Homes.

After these installations, I have supplied and installed free of charge, a 5kW Solar System, for the Newstead Community Centre. The System cost over $11,000 with the Hub Foundation contributing $2,139 toward the cost. I supplied and installed the system as a good will gesture for the community.

My company is well known and respected as a quality installation company throughout central Victoria.

My quality installation teams are installing 10 homes per week so the longest you will have to wait is around 4 weeks if the weather is kind.

Any installation 10kW or above, on private businesses, will receive a free energy Assessment on their business.


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