Sometimes you have to look further to get the desired result.

Solar Installer Glenlyon

5 kW Solar in Glenlyon

When it comes to installing a solar system, there are many things that need to be considered. For example, if you are living in some of the country areas around Bendigo you will need the approval from Powercor to have anything installed on their grid. A perfect example of this was with a couple who recently applied to have a 5kW solar system installed on their property in Glenlyon. All seemed ok as they felt they had filled in the paperwork properly and submitted it on time.

Solar system declined by Powercor

However, Powercor decided that the install was not right for the area and declined it totally. That meant they could have no solar at all. The assessment that Powercor had made was of the area in general and not of the actual property. This is normal as they have many assessments and do not always physically get out to every property.

Disappointed they contacted us to see if we could help. We had visited the property and being experienced in assessing the probability of solar systems we thought we better intervene. We approached Powercor on behalf of our customer and insisted that they visit the property to get a better assessment. After our conversation with Powercor they agreed to do so.

Ask for an on-site inspection

When they got out there they not only realised that the property was ok for solar but they fully approved the 5kW system. Which just goes to show sometimes companies are too busy to see the full picture. As we are always visiting our customers we will take the time to make sure that the property is fit for a solar installation. As for dealing with Powercor, well that just takes experience and asking the right questions to the right people to get the desired result.

Solar Rebate