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Solar Battery Storage Forum Castlemaine

Solar Battery Storage Forum Castlemaine

In March this year we held a highly successful Solar Battery Storage Forum in the Town Hall in Castlemaine.

We invited industry leaders in the field including Enphase, Tesla, SimpliPhi and Neuton Power battery. We also had many other local leaders in the field of Solar and Battery Storage, to come along. This night all who attended were informed about what the future holds for Battery Storage and how you can benefit from this great innovative change heading toward power independence.

We spoke of the coming of the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase batteries along with other systems.

Why is Storage becoming so important?

The TFiT tariff ends in December 2017. So those of you who are on the 25-30 cent feed-in tariff, will lose it.

This is where battery storage can help.

Find out how Solar Battery Storage can help you take control of your power.

On 1st December 2016, at 6:00 PM in the Castlemaine Town Hall, we will be holding another free Public Forum to let you know about the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Battery systems that are available.

We will have the very new Powerwall and Enphase batteries on show where you can get a real feel of the units and imagine it in your own home.

Giveaways for attending

There will be free giveaways and the first 10 customers to sign up for the Tesla System will get a massive $500 off the system on that evening.

The first 10 customers to sign up for the Enphase Battery will get $200 off the system.

This offer is limited to those who attend only.

We have already installed several Enphase and Tesla battery systems in the area and will be showing how they work.

This will be a very informative evening with speakers from Tesla and Enphase and a great evening of information for everyone. Tell your friends and make it a great networking evening.

Authorized Tesla Powerwall and Enphase retailers and installers

Now we can tell you that SB Solar Battery Services are ready to go. After completing a very comprehensive installation course we are now an Authorized Installer and Reseller of both Tesla and Enphase batteries. Which puts us at the forefront of this new initiative in storing energy.

For more information or to register your interest Call us on 1300 103 889