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Batteries storage key to tapping power of renewable energy for Victorian consumers

Looks like more people are getting involved with Solar Battery Storage and now there is more reason to. Here is a recent article from the AGE.

The uptake of solar batteries is crucial to the effective expansion of renewable energy in Australia, to take advantage of times of peak power production, the energy market operator has said.


In a report released on Thursday, the Australian Energy Market Operator has called for more investment to upgrade the electricity network as plans for wind and solar plants are developed in Victoria’s north-west to meet the federal government’s renewable energy target.

Upgrades would include building transmission lines and installing batteries to store electricity generated at times when there is not enough capacity to transport the power to consumers, so it can be stored until congestion eases.

This is the first time the group has indicated that batteries could be incorporated into the transmission network. Using batteries could help at times of peak power generation to ensure that output is not lost, the report said.

AEMO operates the energy markets and systems and also delivers planning advice in eastern and south-eastern Australia.

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