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SB Solar Battery Services are specialists in Solar installations, Solar battery installations. It is important to us that whenever we design a system that we do it right. To do this we will always use the best quality solar products. We service the Gisborne, Woodend, Kyneton, Macedon, Maldon, Malmsbury, Maryborough Bendigo and Castlemaine areas.

Here are some of the range of quality solar inverter and panel brands to suit all situations and budgets.

enphase solar battery
Enphase solar microinverter woodend

Enphase micro inverter

Powerful technology at the heart of the Enphase system.

Solar panels may be on top, but it’s the inverter that does all the real work. Choosing an inverter technology is the most critical decision you’ll make when going solar. Enphase Microinverters offer the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence.

SMA inverters Bendigo
SMA Solar inverter


PV systems allow you to become more independent from rising electricity costs and to move away from conventional energy carriers. Therefore, count on the sustainable and decentralized energy supply of the future. Without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The intelligent solutions from SMA make energy consumption affordable, manageable and reliable.



Schneider Electric solar bendigo
Schneider Electric solar Bendigo

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric offers a complete solution for photovoltaic integration and connection including power conversion (inverters, transformers and switchgear), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision and technical support. Schneider Electric provides the full solution from the panel DC output to the grid connection.

SolarEdge Bendigo


SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionized the way power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The SolarEdge direct current (DC) optimized inverter system maximizes power generation at the individual PV module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar PV system.


Zeversolar – SMA

SMA have developed single- and three-phase solar string inverters with high efficiencies and maximum reliability for domestic solar power systems. Since our inverters have nominal powers from 1 to 10 kilowatts, different topologies and single or dual MPPT inputs, every installer and distributor can find the inverter that suits his needs and requirements best!

Trina Solar Panels SB Solar Battery
trina solar panels bendigo

TRINA – Solar Panels

Trina Solar is a leading global provider of solar solutions and has installed over 11 GW worldwide. Our solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our products have proven themselves on the field and in third party testing against other leading manufacturers. Through our 25/30 year linear power warranty, we guarantee panel output will not decrease by more than 2.5% the first year and 0.7% for each year thereafter.




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All systems will be Hybrid ready. This means that Battery Storage (Powerwall) is able to be connected to your system.